The Alien Abduction Lamp is BACK...

Attention all gamers, Sci-Fi lovers and extra terrestrial enthusiasts, multiple UFO sightings have been reported in your area! Witnesses stated signs of ambient desktop illumination, little green men, and out of this world decor.

That’s right, the rumors are true, the Alien Abduction Lamp has landed on Earth, and your desk is said to be the next abduction site. 

Your governments can no longer cover up what can only be described as a monumental moment in humanity; the world's best alien/UFO themed lamp is back! Get yours today, and let the takeover begin.

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An alien themed UFO bedroom lamp providing ambience and filling the room with witness to a rare UFO sighting. Featuring an abducted cow followed by a tractor beam, this lamp is the ultimate alien themed desktop accessory.
A UFO themed bedroom desktop alien lamp pictured next to a Nintendo Switch. This UFO lamp is the ultimate bedroom accessory and gift for alien lovers and outer space fanatics. Get your alien abduction lamp today!

Stay informed, earthlings!

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