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the original alien abduction lamp

the original alien abduction lamp

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You might have heard reports we last landed on your home planet over 10 years ago. Well, now we are back. They’ve tried to keep it top secret from you. They failed. We are taking off and evidence of abductees is popping up everywhere. Become one with the Original Alien Abduction Lamp and be the envy of all other earthlings.

In a galaxy far, far away, superior beings have engineered, and hand assembled an out of this world table lamp for you to enjoy.

Using intelligent design and only the best quality materials that are light years ahead of your planet. The Original Alien Abduction Lamp is made from galvanised steel for a highly polished chrome effect spaceship, making it durable for travelling through space and time. An energy efficient touch control colour changing LED lighting, giving a Polaris effect similar to your planet's Northern Lights or stealth mode if you need to avoid detection. Alien pilots that come in peace, real fake grass, scratch resistant acrylic beam and an unsuspecting cow.

Resistance is futile, the mothership awaits. Join us today!


    🛸 The Original UFO Lamp
    🛸 Highly stylised, galvanised metallic finish space ship
    🛸 Energy efficient, touch control LED
    🛸 RGB colour change aurora effect that replicates your planet's Northern Lights
    🛸 3 lighting options, including stealth mode if needed
    🛸 Glow in the dark Alien pilots
    🛸 Scratch-resistant acrylic beam
    🛸 Non-slip base
    🛸 Unsuspecting cow character
    🛸 Real fake grass
    🛸 USB Powered

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    Box: 40x28x15cm

    Lamp: 28x23x23cm

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