Top Tips On How Not To Be Abducted

Top Tips On How Not To Be Abducted

Happy New Year! It’s that time when people start to ponder their New Year’s resolutions and goals, we’ve got a pretty simple one – don’t get abducted by aliens! Here are our top tips on how not to be abducted this year.

Don’t head into the forest at night

Camping may sound like a laugh, toasting smores on the fire, sharing abduction stories, but if you’re familiar with the Travis Walton abduction you’ll know to steer clear after dark. Travis was working with a timber stand improvement crew in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. He was driving in a truck with six of his co-workers, when they came across a saucer-shaped object hovering over the ground. Travis left the truck to investigate and was struck by a beam of light that appeared, knocking him unconscious. He awoke inside the craft... The case has since been debunked, but if you do happen to be in the forest at night and come across a UFO, maybe don’t go over to investigate.

Don’t hang out at Roswell

Although there are no reported abductions in Roswell, you may have heard of the Roswell Incident. Back in 1947, a rancher, W.W. Mac Brazel, came across ‘a large bright wreckage made up of rubber strips, tinfoil and rather tough paper and sticks.’ Mac was intrigued and collected the materials to show the Sheriff what he had found. Some eyewitnesses later claimed that alien bodies had been taken from the site, and it was rumoured that these bodies were being autopsied.

Whatever you do, don’t get out the car!

The Betty and Barney Hill abduction was the first widely publicised report of an alien abduction in the United States. The Hills were driving back to Portsmouth from a holiday in Niagara Falls when Betty observed a bright point of light in the sky. As they continued to drive along the isolated road, the object rapidly descended toward their vehicle, causing Barney to stop in the middle of the highway. Barney picked up his pistol and exited the car to investigate. He claimed to see a group of humanoid figures, peering out of the craft’s windows. The craft moved closer, within 50 to 80 feet overhead. Barney jumped back in the car, telling Betty ‘They’re going to capture us!’ But it was too late…

And lastly, in the case that you do find yourself abducted, read Ann Druffel’s book ‘How To Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction.’ Ann has researched UFOs for forty years and using her database of 250 case studies, has found nine techniques that witnesses use to ward off alien entities and even break off abductions in progress! 

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