Alien Abduction Lamp, the perfect gift for UFO believers.

Alien Abduction Lamp, the perfect gift for UFO believers.

The Alien Abduction Lamp is a very real, original, and functional alien UFO believers’ lamp with a tractor beam. Yes, when they come, they come with light, and that gives us all the opportunity to get to safety from the power of their merciless tractor beam: the alien abduction lamp shines relentlessly against the darkness, its pilots, the little glowing aliens, constantly watch us from inside, probes at the ready.

Since she landed, we have known: We are not alone in the darkness out there. Provided there is a power outlet to connect USB nearby, this UFO side lamp in the UK.

The Alien UFO lamp plays with the classic notion of extraterrestrial films and literature: the silver saucer hovering above us, which abducts humans and animals from the earth to examine them in space. In the best-case scenario, it will only kidnap your breakfast sandwiches or your car keys.

Thanks to the steady and stable tractor beam stand the lamp stops safely and its bright lighting means is easy to find, just don't tell NASA. And don't worry, either in your front room, lounge, den, playroom, underground base or mission-control fortress tower, these aliens don't want to be anywhere else, keeping an eye on your every move. However, you control the power (for now): connect the USB power lead and choose from 3 lighting modes, drawing attention to our little friends from space, depending on your taste. 

Why Order Alien Invasion Lamp? 

  • Order Alien Invasion Lamp Online- A must for all ufologists, science fiction fans: As the saying goes: "I want to believe!"
  • UFO side lamp in the UK is a bedside light or living room lamp UFO, featuring alien invaders onboard, a cow caught in a harmless tractor beam.
  • Made from high-quality materials.
  • 3-level illumination (only lamp, only tractor beam, or all together). 

This UFO Side Lamp in the UK is a perfect choice for sci-fi kids who wants to experience another world but are in their control.

The lamp is a limited edition so, what are you waiting for? "The Cult Hit" is back, order alien invasion lamp online today! 

For more info click on the link to see all the relevant info regarding this unique UFO Side Lamp in the UK.

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