The Alien Abduction Lamp

I’m sorry to announce that The Alien Abduction Lamp is almost out of stock.

There are still a few lamps left in Australia. Head over to The Funky Company to grab one, but remember that shipping overseas will cost quite a bit.

Please drop me a note below if you wish to encourage us to make more lamps. I can’t promise anything, but a significant demand could make a difference.

Kind regards,



  1. Hey, Lasse! I followed your development of the lamp since the concept photos were posted (I think I saw them on BoingBoing? maybe Reddit) It was an exciting ride seeing how a concept cames to reality. I was one of the pre-orders, and I was very excited when I finally got my lamp! It has been on my desk since then, and I get a million complements on it. It has a dent on the side where someone apparently knocked it over when I wasn’t around, but that doesn’t bother me. I hope you made some money from the process and that you had fun. Thanks for the lamp, and for telling the story as you made it come to life.

  2. Thank you for your kind words! No self respecting UFO is without wear and tear from intergalactic journeys.

    We sold more lamps than I had hoped for, and it looks like there’s still demand for more judging by twitter- and facebook activity. It paid a little, but it didn’t turn out to be a commercial success because of the relatively high production cost, but as a digital designer, I’m happy to have experienced the magic of having a drawing turn into a physical project.

  3. Got mine from Australia! Looks awesome! Was wondering why I can’t sign up for the 1 year warrenty as promised in the box.. get a page not found error on this iste.

  4. :( I was afraid this might happen! Always wanted to order this lamp, but I guess you snooze you lose!

    If you ever make more, Please let me know! I’d be sure to grab one!

    Maybe make them on a pre-order basis?

  5. please make more lamps!! This lamp is amazing and I have been wanting to buy one for years. Now that I have a job, and can afford to make a splurge on this item, I can’t wait until it is back in stock!!!! thank you!

  6. Hi! I wrote like one month ago to buy one but they were already sold!! MAKE MORE!!!!! :) and sell them in Colombia

  7. Seriously, you REALLY need to make more of these for mass distribution. This has HIGH want value for geeks, alien lovers, sci-fi lovers and more. Your market would be vast. Large pages are starting to share you now, and your name will get out. Have more geek (and the like) pages share you, your reach (and the want) will become EVEN MORE. You have the potential to make a largggge sum of money with this product. And if you can sell the idea (or get a % back from sales) to Think Geek, oh gods, you’ll be laughing. I never take the time to write on things like these (and I mean ever) but this is an awesome product and a fun/cool idea. I will be buying one if making more happens. Cheers.

  8. I wish the lamps were available in the US! A friend turned me on to this lamp awhile back, but the only place I could find them was Australia :-/

  9. I hope that you will continue to produce this lamp! I was extremely disappointed to find that it was no longer available to purchase…we were so looking forward to ordering one today!! :( They are such a hoot!! (and I know several other people who would LOVE to own one of these…..)

  10. We actually did find the lamp available to order. You are not kidding when you say shipping costs to the US are very high :-( I sincerely wish that were not the case, because it is certainly a drawback…

  11. What everyone else here said! Pictures of this lamp have been shared all over, creating demand. Your market keeps growing. I want one and I know someone who will be getting one for his birthday if you make more. I’ll even pay upfront. If you don’t make them, someone else will steal your design, maybe alter it enough to avoid patent infringement, maybe not. But somebody will. You should be the one who reaps the benefit of all the facebook shares and enthusiasm.

  12. I adore this lamp and am so sad that it’s no longer available, although I can completely see why. Please make more!!! Charge more to adequately compensate yourself and sell them in Santa Barbara, CA! ;-) Pretty please? xoxo Charlotte

  13. YES! Make more, please! I NEED one and I can think of several people I would buy them for as gifts! Please continue production! :-D

  14. This lamp is adorable and it would probably sell in my shop if the price is right. If you ever decide to sell this wholesale, please drop me a line!

  15. You’ve got to make more lamps!!! It’s your duty, your purpose in life! These are the best lamps in the universe! I must have one, and my friend’s would love one too! Bring them to argentina!!!! we love UFOs here!!

  16. Please, please, please, more lamps please!!! i need it for a very special place!!! PLEASEEEEEEE!!!! let me know when the lamps arrive!!

  17. I didn’t learn about this AWESOME lamp until they were already sold out. I want one so bad! I will buy one the instant I know there are more available. Please make more!

  18. Pleeeease… we need mor… no. WE NEED ALL Lamps here… in Brasil =}
    Make more.

    The lamps can be saile for a store “Imaginarium”.

    Search about them. =}

  19. Please make more available in the US market! :) I bought one of the first for my home in Spain, now I live in SF and would like to get one for my place here :)

  20. Come on! I just find out about this amazing lamp! I must have one, is there any possibility to buy it in europe? Please make more!!!!

  21. You really should make more. Make a larger quantity this time, at a hopefully lower price for us and more profit for you. (edited, pending fact check)

  22. Hello. Where can I get one? My syster’s bday is coming up and ibwould looooove to get her this lamp.
    please repply.
    thank you

  23. The dogs are staring at the empty spot where their lamps could be.
    We live in the USA. we. Need. Your. Lamps.

  24. Amazing!!!
    Make more lamps, pleeeease!
    I really need this lamp to my collection!
    Greetings from São Paulo, Brazil.

  25. Given how completely awesome this is, combined with the success of the first run and continued demand, I can’t imagine a company like Spencer’s wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to work with you to get these in their shops. So cool!

  26. I really so want one of these! I suppose I could try making one myself but it would never come out as nice! I live in Florida, USA and would love to buy one (possibly more for some other SciFi fans I know as these would make great gifts) if you’ll make some more. Please shoot me an e-mail if you’re making more of them anytime….
    This is awesome.

  27. This lamp must be available. Without this lamp, the earth could tilt off its axis and go spiraling in to the sun. Children around the world will all get rickets. Unicorns will be born with shorter horns. Unborn baby whales of alternative sexual orientations will suffer nuclear destruction. You owe it to the planet to bring them this lamp. The future of mankind rests in your hands.

  28. Ahh make more!!!!!!!!!!! Would be cool with bob lazar “sport model” ufo (google it hehe) anyway i would buy if got the chance:) Make more, disclosure is near so u probably would earn truckload that day hehe

  29. I’ve just receveid mine. it’s Amazing …. Beautifull, but i can’t find where register warranty in this page …..

  30. I’ve had my lamp for a couple of years now, and I truly love it. I wish that everybody who wants one could have one, because you can’t have mine!

  31. Yes, please make more. My current boring nightstand lamp just failed and I’ve been looking everywhere for seething more ‘fun’. I remember seeing this lamp ages ago on the Glow Company site I think, but didn’t realise it was a limited production. Too bad, but would definitely have bought one if I could find one. Great to hear it was a cool little independent project that sounds like it was well loved by many buyers. Hope it was a fun project and you’ve found something else fun and exciting to fill your time.

  32. Please make more! I just found out about this lamp and I instantly fell in love with it, but they are already sold out!! :c

  33. Please make more lamps I would definitely buy one and I know a few others who would too. I bought one for my sister and when I went to buy one for myself there was none left and I’m sad, and slightly jealous of my sister.

  34. NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been on unemployment for so long, lusting after this astoundingly awesome creation and now that I finally found a job (that I start next Monday. WOO!) and will have a paycheck coming in they’re gone! IS THERE NO JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD???????????????????

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